Ross Moorhouse and Beatriz Carrasco own and operate Hostal Sunny Days, located near the beach known as Chinchorro, a suburb of the city of Arica, Region XV, Arica/ Parinacota, in the far north of Chile.

Beatriz was born near Santiago in central Chile but her family moved to the north to live in the Chinchorro suburb of Arica many years ago. She studied at the University of the North, Arica to be an Educador de Parvulos.

Ross met Beatriz in Arica during 1991 while he was assisting another New Zealander with an export of live alpacas to Australia. They moved to New Zealand and were married there during 1995. In 2000 they upped stakes and moved to live permanently in Arica and to establish Hostal Sunny Days.

Together they have travelled in Peru, Bolivia, Australia and worked in Argentina. Previously Ross worked for the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture for 25 years as an Agricultural Consultant specializing in ruminant animal breeding and husbandry, with a personal interest in rare and specialty natural animal fibres. In this role he was recognized as a national consultant and travelled extensively within New Zealand and overseas. He left the Ministry of Agriculture in 1991 to assist another New Zealander to export 300 live alpacas from Chile to Melbourne, Australia.